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Features of registering Google accounts

No one needs to be told about Google, as well as about its services and capabilities. Registering a Google account opens up many opportunities, both for the average user and for organizations. But sometimes there is a need to register another Google account for work purposes or for personal ones. How to do this and how to get a Google account confirmation during registration will be discussed below. In this article will be features of Google account

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The functionality provided by registering a Google account

You may need to create a Google account and register in its services for the following reasons:

  • To register a Google account, you need Gmail mail, which opens up a lot of free services of this search network to its user. For example, Google Group services (Google Maps, Google Analytics, etc.), Picasa, Calendar, etc.;
  • Gmail itself is one of the safest and fastest mail services on the network, in the case of a working account, it will provide you with excellent feedback from customers;
  • Registering an account on Google.ru you will need it to promote your channel on Youtube;
  • Google+ is able to provide a good increase in traffic to your main resource;
  • Google Adsence will help you monetize your business, etc.

In fact, you can list the functionality of Google services and their need for your business for a long time. One thing is for sure-site owners need to have a Google account, because it will significantly improve the indexing of your pages and increase traffic.

Who needs a Google account? And what features of Google account?

As I wrote above, if you have a website, then registering a Google account will be necessary for you. Since the use of Google services is directly related to the increase in traffic, the account is also needed by arbitrageurs and most of the webmasters.

In addition to increasing traffic, Google provides an opportunity to monetize the audience of its project.

However, the company allows only one registration per person. In addition, Google has quite strict requirements for the traffic used to monetize the site. If any violations are detected, Google may unilaterally block your account without making the accumulated payments forever.

That is why many users began to register additional accounts using virtual numbers.

How do I create a Google account using a virtual number?

Step-by-step instructions for registering an additional Google account using a virtual number:

  1. Register on our service – Sms-man.com.

2. After registration, charge your account balance. Click to “Payment” button.

3. Go to the main page of Sms-man, select the country where you received the phone number and Google service. Click “Buy” button.

4. It is recommended to register with Google in a different browser window, and you can set up a VPN beforehand.

5. Copy the phone number you received and enter it when registering your Google account.

6. Then go back to the sms-man page, and click “Get SMS” next to the received number.

7. Copy the code and confirm your registration on Google.

Your new account is ready!

Rules for working with a new Google account

It is necessary to follow these rules in order to avoid blocking the account:

  • Clear cookies in the browser you are using before logging in to your account. Use different browsers for different accounts.
  • The IP addresses for logging in to the account can be any, as well as belong to any country. The main rule is that the channel is not spammed. The advantage will be the use of a dynamic IP address.
  • When using proxy servers, give preference only to reliable services.
  • When you log in to your Google Account for the first time, the service may request an additional email address or mobile phone number from you. In this case, try logging in from a new tab in your browser.

Registering an additional Google account can be useful in working activities, so you should not neglect such an easy way to do it.

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