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Disney Hotstar Account: How to Bypass OTP in 2023

Disney Hotstar account

Recently, subscription-based video streaming services have become much popular. Alongside other options, Disney Hotstar account also gives an opportunity to take advantage of such a service. This is beneficial to everyone. Platforms earn money from this, and users get access to high-quality video content. In this article, we will explain how to bypass OTP and create an account on Disney Hotstar without using your own phone number.

Disney Hotstar logo

What is a Disney Hotstar app all about?

Disney Hotstar is a subscription video-on-demand streaming platform that has its headquarters in India and is owned by Star India’s Novi Digital Entertainment while operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. The brand was originally launched for streaming content from streaming services on Star India’s local network, including movies, TV series, sports, and original programming, as well as content licensed by third parties such as HBO and Showtime. With the significant growth of mobile broadband in India, Disney Hotstar has quickly become the dominant streaming service in the country.

Is it possible to use this service without phone number verification?

In the case of services such as Disney Hotstar, phone number verification is mandatory. This is an integral procedure on every service that provides the ability to watch video content by subscription. Every user should confirm his identity before making a payment. So, without going through phone number verification this platform as well as other similar websites is available only for review.

How to create Disney Hotstar account with a virtual phone number?

This question has a very simple answer from SMS-Man. Follow a few steps above to create Disney Hotstar account without a phone number:

1. Sign up for an account on our platform by completing a simple registration process.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Top up the balance with one from the presented payment methods.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Go to the homepage of the website.

4. Choose India on the list of countries and Disney Hotstar on the services tab.


5. Click the buy button to receive a virtual phone number to bypass OTP.

Here comes the last step. The received phone number will appear at the top of the main page and on the according tab that is placed on the profile page. You just need to insert it into the app, request on it a verification code, and then click the get SMS button for a few seconds. Text message reveals shortly right next to the phone number. Use it to complete the verification process or create a new Disney Hotstar account without using your own phone number at all.

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