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How to create a Google account without a phone number or with fake phone number

What you need to know? Can I create a Google account without a phone number? Yes, Google hasn’t stopped you from creating accounts without entering your phone number. You can still create an account without linking your phone…

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How to view and save passwords in Google Chrome

When you visit any website or online service in Google Chrome browser, the system asks you if you want to save data. This is a useful option for those who regularly surf the internet. But not everyone knows…

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Features of registering Google accounts

No one needs to be told about Google, as well as about its services and capabilities. Registering a Google account opens up many opportunities, both for the average user and for organizations. But sometimes there is a need…

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Google Account Protection: how to increase the degree of security

Google takes its own security policy more than seriously. In order to increase the security of the Google account, the company recommends that its users regularly perform a number of simple but effective actions. It is much more…

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How to create Google account without phone number?

Google accounts are widely popular among many users around the world. Create Google account, signing up with him on YouTube, and using an Android-powered smartphone requires such a profile. At the same time, this American IT company opposes…

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How to restore a Google account without a phone number

Google is one of the largest IT companies. The service of the same name is the largest search engine in the world. Additionally, a large number of different services are available. All of them are based on the…

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