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Bigo live: what is this app


Bigo Live is designed primarily for mobile devices, and is included in the category of “social” applications. The social network is an interesting format whose features are based on the creation of a live video chat.

In addition, you can download bigo live and start video chatting, regardless of the nature of its content. Even a novice blogger, it won’t be difficult to build an audience. Many users find popularity in bigo live. Even those who install the app as entertainment, over time, connect monetization. This is because the potential of bigo live is immediately apparent. The main thing is not to lose opportunities.

Briefly about Bigo Live

Any version of the app boasts its own merits. Bigo live online has a stylish, ergonomic design. The user interface is brilliantly designed. Anyone can do their first video broadcast perfectly.

The application software currently works in 140 countries around the world. This is done to allow the bigo live online user to broadcast for any region. It doesn’t matter if it’s home or not.

The app includes a free messenger. You can not only send messages, but also use it for voice calls. Bigo live russian is not only available as a mobile app. It can be installed on a large number of platforms. This also includes a PC version.

Bigo live для компьютера

Bigo live for computer: download a functional program

The version for the PC platform is focused on streamers multiplayer games. It is also suitable for bloggers. All these users are the target audience of bigo live russian. The platform from the very foundation year 2014, had a commercial component. So there is no problem with monetization.

In fact, with bigo live, the whole world can see a video broadcast, which will capture the best (or not so) moments of your life. If Instagram was created for photos, the prerogative of bigo live, is video. The program has a convenient format for communication. You can keep in touch with the person you’re talking to, no matter what you’re doing.

Bigo Live Accounts. How to register

As for registration on the platform, it’s pretty standard. The whole process takes a minimum of time. Let’s list the mandatory criteria:

  • Country of residence;
  • Phone number.

It’s really simple. Enter your country of residence and phone number. Enter the activation code, which will come in a text message. You only need to write your nickname and short description of the channel. Registration will be completed.

Аккаунты биго лайв. Как пройти регистрацию

So registering bigo live accounts is not difficult at all. Another issue is the frequent blocking of users. Even a successful blogger can get blocked, unfortunately this is true.

Частые блокировки пользователей Bigo live

Re-register only by entering a new phone number.

How to register bigo live accounts to virtual numbers

The method is very simple. All you need to do is register with the SMS-MAN activation service. Immediately after refilling the balance of the service, you will be able to use a virtual phone number to register on the bigo live website. You will be able to choose numbers from absolutely any country. You do not have to worry about the cost of service, virtual number will cost you only 20-30 cents. This is an incommensurably low price for such a service.

In this way, you can register an unlimited number of bigo live accounts.

There are usually no difficulties using the service, but the site has a support chat, which is available 24/7. If you do encounter difficulties, you can always get expert advice.

Bigo live streaming. Application Features

Live broadcasts. There’s a lot to be said for that phrase. With a few clicks of the mouse, it’s enough to start streaming video. And there’s camera capture. You’ll be uploading video directly to app. There is no video upload stage on the platform.

If you have no desire to stream, you can just watch others’ broadcasts. Channels are presented in abundance. There are a lot of topics for broadcasts. You can communicate directly with streamers and add them as friends.

Use it as a messenger. Write a message to the interlocutor, or call him directly during the broadcast. The quality of the streaming video will not be lost.

Plug in a game broadcast. Most streamers connect bigo live online when streaming both PC and mobile games. You do not need to download third-party software, the app has everything you need.

What is presented in Bigo Live for free

The application boasts a user-friendly user interface, and flexible settings. What’s included here:

  • Interface. It incorporates a concise and stylish design. It will be very easy to understand. This is a case where you can enjoy using the application.
  • Flexible settings of apk. Before you start the broadcast, you choose the quality in which it will be broadcast.
  • The audience of the app, it is more than 210 million users around the world. Finding an interesting channel, or audience is not a problem even for the beginner.
  • In bigo live, the Russian language is used along with the rest. The application works in 150 countries around the world. This makes using the software easy.

Benefits of Bigo Live

Let’s highlight the main advantages that define bigo live online from a favorable position:

  1. It’s easy to use the app. Multilingualism makes navigation easy. The clear interface allows you to start your first stream in a few clicks. However, the app does not include any guide on how to set up a broadcast. This can be considered a weighty disadvantage;
  2. Voice chats, which appeared not so long ago. The platform continues its development. Updates please with new features, and the old ones are constantly being upgraded;
  3. Almost all of the features do not require payment. This application offers features for free that most platforms only offer through a subscription.
  4. You can use stickers and emoji. You can use stickers and emoji, and you have your own library of stickers. As you increase the quality of your broadcasts, you can expand the list of emoticons available to you. They will be individual;
  5. On the platform there is a system of matches and Challenges. The administration of the project pays for many of the invites. Rewards for participation in them, reach a huge size.

As a conclusion, bigo live is free to install on your device, and can be used even by a beginner. The choice is just fine.

Disadvantages of the Bigo Live app

  1. Adult content. It makes up about 30 percent of the total number of broadcasts. The administration of application online does not adhere to the regulations for blocking it. It would be more accurate to say that it simply does not exist. You can broadcast anything you want;
  2. After registration, it is required to undergo verification. You will have to confirm your age of majority;
  3. Advertising mailings. They simply are not deactivated. It is enough to integrate a social network account into the system once, and it will not be possible to disconnect it from the mailings;

A Brief Conclusion

Do you want to try your hand at streaming? This application is definitely for you. You can download bigo live for free from the official website. As a software for a blogger, it has quite a high value. Especially considering that most of the features of the program are available for free.

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