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Banned from eBay — How to Fix it in 2024?

Banned from eBay — How to Fix it in 2024

If you are an active eBay buyer or seller, and you have recently found out that eBay blocked your account, there may be different grounds for this.

In the article, let’s figure out why the trading platform bans user accounts, what ways of restoring exist as well as how to create new eBay account to continue using the platform’s functionality if you failed to recover your account.

What is eBay?

eBay is one of the most prominent global trading platforms, that one can compare with Amazon only. eBay started in 1995 in the USA as an online auction site where users from all over the world could bid on various unique items and oddities while competing with other users. Later, the platform not only grew into the largest online auction in the world. It also added the functionality of a full-fledged marketplace where users can buy and sell goods, track their orders, etc.

Today, users often encounter an unexpected eBay ban of their accounts, sometimes even massive. This is especially true for sellers on the platform. Next, let’s figure out what the blocking may be related to and how to unblock your account.

What is eBay

Why Did eBay Blocked My Account?

Typically, eBay puts a temporary or permanent ban to users’ accounts for a number of reasons, including that a user:

  • Has unpaid bills — eBay can block your account due to unpaid platform’s fees or an unsatisfied refund request from one of the platform’s users.
  • Made fake bids for some of the presented goods. This is a widespread practice among unscrupulous eBay sellers, implying them to increase bids for making the goods look more attractive in the eyes of buyers, and consequently, its price and search rating.
  • Used another user’s contact data for unfair purposes. The use of such data for purposes that are not related to transactions, can also lead to the eBay ban. Thus, the platform’s moderators can discover that you use it for marketing without receiving the user’s consent or creating paid campaigns.
  • Used automatic scripts or other methods of eBay access. Using robots, spiders and other ways of crawling to get access to the platform’s services violates the ToS of eBay. Despite this, many sellers still leverage them.
  • Has multiple accounts on the platform. eBay’s benefit is that it allows you to have several accounts for managing certain lines of products. Though, the platform punishes users with eBay ban for increasing sales limits and other community rules. eBay business newcomers often face the blockage due to their desire of scaling.

Reasons to block a buyer on eBay

How Does eBay Detect Suspended Activity?

If eBay discovers that you have multiple accounts on the platform, it usually assumes that you are trying to break the community rules. Or that you are using bidding tactics by leveraging other users’ profiles. And these are also the reasons to get your eBay blocked.

To detect multiple accounts usage, eBay uses the advanced detection tools. These tools rely on the browser fingerprint. It is a sum of all elements that a third party uses to track an online identity. This data can include such basics as an IP address, geolocation, and time zone as well as such advanced characteristics as your hardware and software parameters, counting screen resolution, multimedia devices, setup fonts, etc.

By collecting all this data, websites are able to detect inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Thus, if you set that you are located in the USA while logging in to your account through a Vietnamese IP address and geolocation, eBay will assume it is suspicious. And it will be grounds to get banned from eBay. The same way, if your tech parameters have inconsistencies, such as your setup fonts do not match with the OS, it is also an ‘alarm bell’.

Why eBay Suspended Your Account

How to Unblock eBay Account?

Typically, if you get an eBay ban, you will receive an email informing you about the reason. Also, it contains the instructions on what you need to do next. Most often, it indicates that you had an unpaid debt or illegally disclosed another user’s private data in My eBay.

However, according to discussions on various forums and social networks, your chances to restore the account are pretty low. Especially if the reason for getting a ban is that you used multiple accounts on eBay.

But you still need to contact the support via the feedback form to clarify in detail why you were banned from eBay and how you can change the situation. In this case, the support can ask for any documents for confirming your identity, such as passport, national ID, PayPal account number. Or, for sellers, even documentation for the goods that they provide. After you pass identity validation, all the documents will be deleted from eBay within 24–48 hours.

Though, if eBay refused to recover your account, the only option left is to create new eBay account. And here you need to focus on a few things.

How to Create New eBay Account?

When you create new eBay account, it is important that the platform cannot recognize you as the owner of the previous account. For that, you need to provide the brand new private data, including:

  • Your name.
  • Email and phone number.
  • Debit card with a different number.
  • PayPal account.
  • Delivery address.

And, which is the most important, when setting up your new eBay profile, you must use a completely new IP address. Moreover, it not only has to be new, it also has to be dedicated. For that, you are likely to have to use a paid VPN.

If you try to create a new account with your previously used data, you risk getting a permanent eBay ban.

Ordering a new card and getting a new PayPal account, and other details may take some significant time. However, creating a new email address and phone number that can accept SMS is quite a simple process these dats. So, if your existing mobile number was used before, it’s not a disaster. You can try out a temporary virtual phone number as an almost incomparable alternative.

Virtual Phone to Create New eBay Account

A one-time use virtual phone number is a great option if you need to receive a confirmation OTP on almost any global platform or application. Unlike conventional cellular numbers, it operates without SIMs relying on special equipment on the provider’s side instead.

Moreover, temporary virtual phones allow you to virtually register from almost any place in the world without being traced to your real geolocation, which significantly enhances anonymity of your online persona and privacy of your data. And this is what you need to create new eBay account and not been detected as the previously blocked user.

Finally, it does not cost a fortune with the starting price for a one-time use number at $0.14 per number.

With the SMS-Man platofrm, you can anonymously register on over 1000 global services with a virtual number from 190+ countries. Or if you need to set up multiple accounts, rent a number for a longer period.

virtual phone number from sms man

How can you get a virtual number to create new eBay account? Let’s check it further:

  1. Set up an account on via email or join it through Google+.
  2. Add required funds to your account balance to get an OTP for eBay.
  3. After that, open ‘Receive SMS’, opt for a country and find ‘eBay’.
  4. Find the bought number in the ‘History’ section at the bottom of the homepage, copy and use it for eBay registration.
  5. To reveal an OTP, return to your profile on SMS-man and click ‘Buy’ to the right of the number.
  6. Apply the code to complete registration.

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